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Flout Pizza

Newhaven Apizza - Pepperoni

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Fresh mozzarella, aged mozzarella, 36mo parmesan, tomato sauce, the finest pepperoni I can find, organic sourdough base.

Allergens: Milk, wheat gluten

Flout! Newhaven pies are inspired by the most idiosyncratic of USA pizza, Newhaven Apizza (pronounced 'ahbeetz'). Newhaven pies are baked super-hard, and super-dark, so they'll come with lots of char.  They're not burnt, they're baked just how they're supposed to be.  

Flout!'s version is true to the elements that make Newhaven Apizza, but very much a local product.  Each Apizza will be cut into 12, Newhaven-style, and probably won't be a perfect circle.  Newhaven pizza is famous for odd shapes, and oddly cut slices, and I'll be keeping that tradition alive. 

This will be around a 20in pizza...good for 3-4 people.