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Flout Pizza

Newhaven Apizza - Plain

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Fresh mozzarella, aged mozzarella, 36mo parmesan, tomato sauce, organic sourdough base.

Allergens: Milk, wheat gluten

Flout! Newhaven pies are inspired by the most idiosyncratic of USA pizza, Newhaven Apizza (pronounced 'ahbeetz'). Newhaven pies are baked super-hard, and super-dark, so they'll come with lots of char.  They're not burnt, they're baked just how they're supposed to be.  

Flout!'s version is true to the elements that make Newhaven Apizza, but very much a local product.  Each Apizza will be cut into 12, Newhaven-style, and probably won't be a perfect circle.  Newhaven pizza is famous for odd shapes, and oddly cut slices, and I'll be keeping that tradition alive. 

The plain pie from Sally's in Wooster street is traditionally only tomatoes and pecorino romano, but Flout!'s plain pie will feature two types of mozzarella and 36mo cravero parmesan. 

This will be around a 20in pizza...good for 3-4 people.