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Flout Pizza

King's Squares - Tie Dye

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Our Belfast version of the 'Tie Dye' pie from Rubirosa in NYC....we swap out pesto for homemade basil oil, add in stripes of our gochujang vodka sauce (made with Boatyard Distillery's finest) alongside our overnight marinara, homemade stracciatella and it's a certified banger. 

Allergens: Milk, wheat gluten, soy

Our King's Squares are super light and airy deep-dish pizzas inspired by Detroit & American-Sicilian styles from my favourite shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Chicago, Philadelphia.  It’s an American original with a Belfast accent. Made from organic flour from right here, and 100% naturally leavened with my East Belfast starter.

King's Squares are good for 3-4 people.